Super Mario Maker™ for 3ds

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Dream. Design. Share.

Make the Super Mario course of your dreams! Want your cannons to shoot coins? Go for it! In this game, you call the shots, and simple touch-screen controls and interactive tutorials make designing courses a snap. Learn design tips and tricks from Mary O. and Yamamura, then share your masterpieces via the StreetPass™ feature and local wireless.

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Draw It

Sketch out your level on the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS system, just like you were using a pen and paper. Want to try out your course without stopping the fun? Switch seamlessly between Edit and Play on the fly without missing a beat (or a ground-pound).

Drop It

Drag and drop items from the palette—like enemies, obstacles, blocks, and more—to populate your course. Half of the course elements are unlocked right from the start—to unlock the rest, progress through the built-in courses you'll find in Super Mario Challenge. You can also transform parts using different actions. Learn all these tricks and more through the handy in-game tutorials.

Switch it Ready to really mix things up? Try switching between classic environments like ground, underground, ghost house, underwater, airship, or castle.

Game changer

Switch between four different Mario styles.

  • Tile
  • Tile
  • Tile
  • Tile

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