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Super Mario Maker: Crash Course
Mary O. & Yamamura

Course IDs and costumes available in the Wii U version only.

C a s t
Mary O.
Mary O.

This go-gettin' gal is fun and friendly. She also knows EVERYTHING about how to play Super Mario Maker! But when it comes to actually creating fun courses, well...


He's a pigeon. That much is clear. For reasons beyond our understanding, he's also a master of Mario course creation. He loves edamame and long walks in the park.

Wow! Everyone's having so much fun uploading the Super Mario Maker courses they've created!

(Your words ring true. Over two million courses have been uploaded to date.)

Make that over two million AND ONE. I made one too! Can you try it out for me, Yamamura?

You can play the course that Mary O. created too! It's the one with her cheerful face!

Course ID:
241A - 0000 - 000D - E2B0

(As you wish, my apprentice. Here goes nothing...)


(What is this
OH DEAR!! Is it really that bad?!

(Yes. It really is. I'd rather bunk with a Bob-omb than ever look at that disgrace again. Now I'm filled with a burning need to show you the error of your ways.)

You're quite...honest, aren't you? OK, so what didn't you like about it?

(To start, everything. It's full of awful ambushes. Thwomps placed above the screen where the player can't see them. Lava Bubbles leaping out of nowhere. That's not coo.)

What do you mean? Surprises are fun!

(Fun for who? For players, the fun comes when they notice an ambush in the nick of time and evade it. If there's no warning whatsoever, that's no fun at all.)

Oh, I hadn't thought of it like that...

(Clearly. You also used too many enemies. With so many foes attacking from all sides, the player is in a constant state of tension and confusion. Courses are more enjoyable when there's a balance of calm and chaos.)

Hmm, that makes sense! I'd really like to get better at making courses... Do you have any tips?
Coo. Coo!

(Only if you buy me some edamame. My massive pigeon brain needs fuel! Now then, let's start by making a course with the player in mind. In fact, that's your homework for this lesson. Make me proud!)

Yamamura's Challenge
Create a course using only the
following 12 course elements!
Don't place any elements too high up.
This course should not scroll vertically!

Making the player go too high up to see the ground is forbidden!

Avoid placing anything above the red line.

I'm on it! I CAN DO THIS!!