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Super Mario Maker: Crash Course
Mary O. & Yamamura
The story so far...
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Yamamura is teaching Mary O. how to create fun courses. It looks like she's completed her first task! Did she pass or fail?

Yamamura's Challenge
Create a course using only the
following 12 course elements!
Don't place any elements too high up.
This course should not scroll vertically!

Making the player go too high up to see the ground is forbidden!

Avoid placing anything above the red line.

Mary O.
Mary O.

This go-gettin' gal is fun and friendly. She also knows EVERYTHING about how to play Super Mario Maker! But when it comes to actually creating fun courses, well...


He's a pigeon. That much is clear. For reasons beyond our understanding, he's also a master of Mario course creation. He loves edamame and long walks in the park.

Yamamura! I finished my homework!!
Don't you "coo" me! Have you forgotten already?
Honestly, you're such a birdbrain...
You promised to teach me how to make better courses!
Coo... Coo?

(I'll assume you meant "birdbrain" as a compliment...
But aren't YOU forgetting something?)

Me? I don't believe so...
(My tasty reward!!)
Oh my, you need to calm down. They're right here, you silly pigeon. A big bag of edamame!
Coo! Coo.

(So coo! All right then, I'll take a look at your course as I snack.)

Mary O.'s Latest Course

You can play the course that Mary O. created, too!

Course ID:
Coo... Coo. Coo?

(Let's see... There. I've marked the parts that caught my eye with numbers. By the way, did you enjoy making this one?)

I did! With my first course, there were so many different elements, I wasn't sure where to start. Since I was limited to only a few this time, it was a lot easier to get going!

(I see, I see.)

*munch munch*

(Mmm... Delicious...)

(I wonder if he's really listening...)
Oh! I noticed something else too. With so few elements to work with, if I placed them just anywhere, the course got pretty repetitive. I had to be creative with how I used the different objects to come up with fun layouts.
Coo! Coo.

(Brilliant! That's exactly why I gave you those limitations. With fewer elements to work with, it's easier to notice the importance of placement. Instead of focusing on the objects or enemies themselves, you start to think about how you want Mario to interact with them. That's what counts! Now then, let's take a closer look at your course.)

Yamamura's Tips
With all the enemies you've placed here, it's easy for players to lose a life right away. Try using a single pipe that produces Goombas and moving it more to the right.
The Goombas here fall straight into the hole, so there's not much point including them. If you use Red Koopa Troopas instead, they'll turn around when they reach an edge.
This is a little late in the course to give players their first Super Mushroom. I do like the way you make them collect it while carefully avoiding the enemies below! I suggest including more open space and more items to collect.
I like how you placed those pipes right before the goal pole! But that Big Koopa Troopa feels a tad unnecessary. Wouldn't you be mad if you bumped into him right at the end and had to start over? I'd remove him entirely.

You can play Yamamura's version of this course, too!

Course ID:
Ooh! This is a much better course now!
Coo! Coo... Coo?

(Agreed! But back to that last area... Have you tried jumping on the Big Goomba in between those pipes?)

The Big Goomba?



Wow, that was great! What a rush!!

C-coo... Coo? Coo.

(R-right... I've never seen your speech sparkle like that. Weird. At any rate, it's quite satisfying, isn't it? Creating that feeling is the focus of your next lesson. Here's your new homework!)

Yamamura's Challenge
• Create a course that's satisfying to play.
• Just like last time, avoid making the course scroll vertically.
A satisfying course... That sounds difficult! May I have a hint?

(Give the player exciting jumps to make, that kind of thing. You'll do great.)

Exciting jumps, got it! I suppose jumps are the core of any Mario game, after all. I'll see what I can do!