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Super Mario Maker: Crash Course
Mary O. & Yamamura
The story so far...
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Mary O. is taking course-creation lessons from Yamamura. She's finally learned all he has to teach, so now all that's left is to beat him in a course-creation battle! Let the games begin!

Yamamura's Challenge
Beat Yamamura in a course-creation battle!!
Mary O.
Mary O.

This go-gettin' gal is fun and friendly. She also knows EVERYTHING about how to play Super Mario Maker! But when it comes to actually creating fun courses, well...thanks to Yamamura's helpful tips, she's getting pretty good!


He's a pigeon. That much is clear. For reasons beyond our understanding, he's also a master of Mario course creation. He loves edamame and long walks in the park.

I've done it, Yamamura! I've finally created the ultimate course!
Coo! Coo?

(Coo hoo! Do you really think it's better than mine?)

Without a doubt!
Coo? Coo! Coo...

(You're feeling confident, aren't you? I like it! All right, let's take a look...)

Mary O.'s Battle Entry

Play the course to see the rest!

You can play the course that Mary O. created, too!

Course ID:
So?! What do you think? I tried to implement everything you taught me...


Um... Yamamura? Aren't you going to give me feedback on my course?
Coo. Coo...

(Not today, Mary O. Not today...)

What?! But why?

(Your challenge was to make a course that's better than mine. So I don't really think it's fair for me to be the judge this time.)

But am I supposed to know if I've surpassed you or not?!

(By checking out MY ultimate battle entry!)

Yamamura's Battle Entry

Play the course to see the rest!

You can play the course that Yamamura created, too!

Course ID:
Whoa, it looks great!

(Mary O., my friend...)

(It's time to rumble!!!)
Um...what are you talking about?

(We're taking this fight to the PEOPLE! We're going to post both of our courses online in Super Mario Maker and let the players decide which one of us has the skills to pay the Bullet Bills!)

Really?! Goodness!
Ultimate Course Creation Battle:
Mary O. vs. Yamamura
1. Play Mary O. and Yamamura's courses.
2. Give the course you like best a star!
3. The event will take place from Dec. 23, 2015, through 6:59AM Jan. 5, 2016. The course with more Stars per Play will be declared the winner!
Coo! COO—coo!

(You! Yes, YOU—the one reading this hilarious comic!
Play our courses and vote for your favorite by giving it a star! It's up to you to help us decide the winner!)

This is a battle between teacher and student. Master and pupil. Pigeon and...not pigeon.
It's the ultimate showdown!
So, everyone, please take the time to vote for me!
Coo! Coo.

(Hey! Don't make them vote for anyone but me. It's cruel. After all, MY course is the best. I'm also waaay cuter.)


(I'm not giving any tips today, so I guess it's a pretty short episode this time, eh?)

Yes, it certainly is!

(Well, this comic may be free, but I want our readers to get their money's worth, so I'll share some top-secret tips about Super Mario Maker!)

Well, I doubt anything you know is truly "top secret," but...go ahead.

(Oh yeah, smarty-pants? What if I were to tell you that the Idea Book that comes with Super Mario Maker is full of secret codes?)

You mean the four numbers displayed next to the key symbols throughout the book?

Coo! Coo...

(The very same! And if you type those numbers into the in-game manual...)

You can watch video footage of that level.
Coo! Coo... Coo?!

(Correct! Wait... How did you know that?!)

Silly Yamamura, everyone knows that! Plus I'm kind of in charge of the whole manual, so...yeah.
Coo. Coo?!

(Oh. Right. Well, um, did you know about the hidden numbers in the booklet?!)

Hidden numbers?
Coo! Coo? COO?!

(Ha! You didn't know about that, did you? DID YOU?! I bet you'd just looove me to spill the soy beans about my top-secret tip, wouldn't you?)

Nah, I'm good.
(Come on, throw
me a peanut here!!)
Hee-hee, OK. Spill away.
Coo! Coo... Coo?

(Yes! Ehem, I mean... Very well. Can you spot the hidden numbers on this page?)

Hidden numbers? No... All I see is sheet music.
Coo... Cooooo...

(Look closer... Cloooooseeeer...)

Whoa! I see them! You mean those tiny numbers in the corner, right?

(Correct! You can type those numbers into the in-game manual too!)

Wow! I never even noticed those before... OK, I admit that was a pretty great secret tip. Here, have some edamame.
*munch munch* Coo! Coo. Coo!

(*munch munch* Mmmm, delicious! By the way, there are other handwritten numbers hidden in the booklet too. Have fun trying to find them all!)

Hey, you're not the only one with a tip to share!
Coo? Coo!

(Oh? Do tell!)

In the book, there are some numbers displayed as -1...

(Like this?)

Yup! For some numbers that are displayed as xx-1, you can replace the 1 with a different number to watch a different version of the video!


Coo... Coo! Coo.

(Let's see, I'll replace that one with a 2... Wow, it worked! Great tip, Mary O.! Here, have a couple of my premium small-batch edamame microbeans.)

Thanks! Wait, these are wet—did you just spit these out of your mouth?
Coo! Coo...

(Of course! Just like Mamamura used to make...)

Er, thank you, but I think I'll pass. *shudder*

Well, I hope everyone reading this enjoyed our little comic series and had a nice year! I can't believe 2015 is almost over...
Coo! Coo? Coo?!

(Yup, this year really flew by!
Get it? Flew? Because I'm a bird?!)

Yes, you're...hilarious. Anyway, we hope you all find time to play our latest courses over the winter holidays. And have a happy New Year!


Happy New Year,