Share your creations with the world!

After saving a course, you can upload it in one of the following two ways:

● From the course-creation screen, after you've saved your course, touch the Save/Load/Upload icon, and then select Upload.

● From the main menu, select Coursebot, and then choose a course and select Upload.

Now let's get uploading! You've got a world of players to impress, Maker!

Clear Your Courses!

Before you can upload a course, you'll have to prove that you can clear it. Once uploaded, an image of the course will automatically be posted to Miiverse, along with the course ID.

◆ You can't upload sample courses or courses created by other makers.

◆ Before uploading a course for the first time, please make sure to read Important Information about Uploading Courses.

Earn Medals!

You'll receive medals based on how many stars the courses you upload receive. If your courses are popular, you'll earn lots of medals, which in turn will increase the number of courses you can upload. You can view the medals you've received under Play Info on your User Info page.

Deleting Uploaded Courses

To delete a course from the server after you've uploaded it, select Uploaded Courses from your own User Info page, and then select Delete.

◆ If you delete a course from the server, it will automatically be deleted from Miiverse as well.

Please be aware that you must have started Miiverse at least once before you can upload courses.
If everyone follows the rules, I'm sure everyone will have tons of fun!

◆ For information about Miiverse, refer to the Miiverse electronic manual. To view the electronic manual, open , go to the User Menu, select Manual/Miiverse Code of Conduct, and then select Manual.