A whole world of courses to explore!

If things get a bit too bumpy while playing a course, you can always press to access the pause menu and take a breather.

So, don't be afraid to jump on in already—take a course or two for a test run! (Really, what are you waiting for?)

10 Mario Challenge

Play a sequence of eight courses using a total of 10 lives. This mode can be played even when not connected to the Internet, and any courses you clear will be added to Coursebot's Sample Courses panel. If you exit the mode or lose all 10 lives, you'll have to start over from course one—but the courses will be different each time you play, so it's worth giving it another go!

Course World

Connect to the Internet, and play courses created by other makers. If you open the pause menu with while playing, you can comment on courses or star them at any time. You can also change your Settings and choose whether to show other players' comments while playing.

100 Mario Challenge

An ever-changing selection of courses!

In this mode, you can play recommended courses created by other makers one after another. If a course seems too difficult, you can skip it by touching the screen and sliding or by holding -/SELECTボタン. You'll start with 100 lives, so use them wisely! Your progress will be automatically saved whenever you clear a course.


Search through four different categories!

Touch the flashing parts!


Find courses based on the people who created them.

Touch the flashing parts!

Event Course

An official course to get everyone fired up for a special event!

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