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Make the Super Mario courses of your dreams

Want coin-shooting cannons? Cat Mario sliding down slopes to take out an army of baddies? By combining a variety of parts, you can do some incredible stuff that isn’t even possible in regular Super Mario™ games!

More new stuff in Super Mario Maker 2

Lots of new tools, parts, and features have been added to help you build even cooler courses. Here are just a few:

Create in the style of Super Mario 3D World!

This game style is quite a bit different from the others—there are things you can do here that you can’t do in any other style!

  • Video of Cat Mario scratching foes and climbing up walls.

    Cat Mario

    You can’t mention Super Mario 3D World without showing some love for Cat Mario. Climbing walls...scratching...sliding, clawing at the air—there’s nothing quite like it.

  • Video of a player using a Clear Pipe for Mario to travel through.

    Clear Pipe

    These Clear Pipes can be placed in any shape you like. Be careful, though! Enemies will make use of them as well.

  • Video of a user drawing a path on the screen for a Piranha Creeper to follow.

    Piranha Creeper

    The Piranha Creeper will extend wherever you draw.
    Watch out for its spiky stem!

  • Video of Banzai Bill crashes though walls and causes havoc.

    Banzai Bill

    Banzai Bill can fly all over—even toward the screen. It’s so powerful it can break through walls!

  • Video of Mario hopping into a Koopa Troopa Car and taking it for a joy ride.

    Koopa Troopa Car

    Take this sweet ride for a spin and tear up the course—just try not to crash it!

  • Video of Mario trying to avoid the spikes on a series of Spike Blocks.

    Spike Block

    This is one block you do not want to hit. Combine it with the On/Off Switch to set a trap!

  • Video of Mario racing across a Blinking Block before it disappears.

    Blinking Block

    Blinking Blocks phase in and out. Make sure to carefully time those jumps!

  • Video of Mario hitting the ! Block to expand it.

    ! Block

    The ! Block extends when hit. Ground pound to expand it faster.

  • Video of the mouse-like Skipsqueaks jumping in the air.


    Skipsqueaks like to try and match Mario’s jumps. Sometimes you can use that to your advantage!

  • Video of the fiery lord of lava, Charvaargh.


    Beware the lord of lava, Charvaargh. This monster’s obsessed with gobbling up Mario.

Select a style

You can choose from a variety of different Super Mario game styles, inlcuding Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

  • A video of Mario racing across the desert in a Super Mario Bros. style course.
  • A video of Mario sliping across snowy platforms in a Super Mario Bros. 3 style course.
  • A video of Mario racing through a jungle area in a Super Mario World style course.
  • A video of Mario hoping across a nighttime version of a New Super Mario Bros. U. style course.

You can choose from some of your favorite Super Mario styles!

Give it a Theme

Whether you like to run through Castles or sneak through spooky Ghosts Houses, there are plenty of classic themes to choose from, along with some new ones: Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky. Some themes have their own fun features you can experiment with, like changing the water level in the Forest or slipping and sliding through the Snow.

  • A video of Mario racing across a Forest course.
  • A video of Mario running through a Desert course.
  • A video of Mario slipping and sliding across an Icy course.
  • A video of Mario bounding through a brightly colored Sky course.
  • A video of Mario making his way across a Ground course.
  • A video of Mario trying to avoid lava in a Castle course.
  • A video of Mario swimming through an Underwater course.
  • A video of Mario making his way through an Underground course.
  • A video of Mario running across an Airship course.
  • A video of Mario bravely exploring a spooky Ghost House course.

Into the night

You can also use the Moon to swap to the nighttime version of each theme to mix things up even more!

Partner Up

A screenshot showing how two players can work together to build a course.

Pass a Joy-Con controller to your pal and work side-by-side to create a course.

Yamamura and Nina

Yamamura, the self-proclaimed “licensed Super Mario Maker course instructor and semi-retired homing pigeon”, is back with a series of helpful tutorials. He’s joined by Nina, a quick-witted assistant who helps create and test courses—and keeps Yamamura supplied with edamame and fried chicken.

Break the rules

You can customize almost everything in your courses—you can even change the goal! Instead of just reaching the Goal Pole to finish, you can set an additional objective that players have to complete, like collecting 50 Coins or defeating all the Dry Bones.