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How to find player-made courses from around the world

In the Super Mario Maker™ 2 game, players can explore their creativity by building their own courses or take on challenges in Story Mode. But, did you know that folks can also experience what other players are building in Course World*? Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next course or just wanting a different experience, Course World is a place where you can go online and play courses made by players around the world!

By selecting the Courses button from the Course World menu , you can find a variety of courses made by other players.

Hot Courses will display a list of up-and-coming courses that may become popular.

Popular Courses is where you can find a list of highly-rated courses that have been played a lot.

New Courses lists courses that haven’t been played by anyone yet .

If you’re having trouble finding the right course, or just want to experience courses with certain elements, the Detailed Search tab can be used to search for courses using specific criteria such as game styles, tags, and more.

Maybe you’ve heard that your friend or favorite streamer is making cool courses. If you have their Course ID or Maker ID, you can also search for them. Just head to the main Course World screen, select the Search with ID tab towards the upper right of the screen, and type in their code. You can even follow Makers that you like by selecting their name and tapping on the star in the upper right corner.

To get your started, here are a few official Nintendo Maker IDs:

NintendoUS - GC0-BJM-HBG

NintendoNM - NG6-WH6-9CG

NintendoEU - GPC-3HW-MFG

NintendoJP - 6MX-KJ2-Q9G

The NintendoUS Maker includes courses that you may have seen during the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 tournament. And, for fans of Nintendo Minute, you can use the NintendoNM ID to find the latest courses made by the team. Be sure to also check out the courses made by Nintendo teams in Europe and Japan.

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